Better Light Changes Everything

Better Light Changes Everything

LED lighting, with its high quality, long life and low energy consumption has improved our world and ended the century old era of traditional light. But for Cree, this is just the beginning. LED technology will go beyond creating good light sources to deliver vastly improved and entirely new light experiences. At Cree, we call this ‘better light’ and believe it’s your right.

Watch as we show what better light can do for your world.

Better Light Improves your Environment

Better light is more than beautiful light. It can make you more productive, more relaxed, and feel safer.

Better Light is Intelligent by Design

Better Light is Intelligent by Design

Our lighting experiences adapt to the world, the
environment, and the human preference.

Watch to learn about how SmartCast® technology
is redefining intelligent lighting.

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Better Light is Open to Innovation

We are not closed. We embrace cooperation to get beyond the imagined possibilities of what light can do.

Learn how SmartCast® Power Over Ethernet (PoE), enables the internet of things (IoT) for buildings through better light.

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